The Team

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The eBee team is made up of students and faculty from Northeastern University’s Game Design Program:

IsabellaCarlsson5 (2)

Isabella Carlsson is an undergraduate student studying Philosophy, Economics, and Computer Science, with an interest in design and new media.

2015-08-03 18.15.16Jeanie Choi is a game designer currently attending Northeastern University for a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and working under Dr. Celia Pearce as part of Paidia Studios. She worked briefly at Primal Screens studio as an app development intern in Atlanta and received a BS in Computational Media from Georgia Tech. She is currently examining a means of articulating the abstract concept of virtues via the inherent semantics in the video game medium.


Celia Pearce is a veteran game designer, author, and artist who is currently an Associate Professor of Game Design at Northeastern. She is the author of numerous articles and books on game design and culture, and is also the co-founder of IndieCade and Ludica, a women’s game collective. Dr. Pearce has shown games at festivals including IndieCade and Come Out & Play.

Celia Pearce:


Gillian Smith is an Assistant Professor in Game Design and Computer Science at Northeastern, as well as a quilter and designer who releases patterns under the label Coding Crafter. Her quilts have been shown at the 2015 Quilt Show of the Modern Quilt Guild and the 2014 Cambridge Science Festival, and has published a pattern under the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilt of the Month series.

Gillian Smith: http://www.sokath.com